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Fire Hydrant System Certification - including Commissioning Booster Testing

This level of inspection and testing will ensure that fire systems have been designed, installed and commissioned to meet Building Code Requirements that include AS2419. 


This option includes:


  • Review of hydraulic drawings
  • Pre-inspection of site and installed system
  • Issue of comprehensive checklist
  • Comprehensive fact sheets available for compliance
  • Commissioning booster testing – section 10 of AS2419
  • Issue of test results and boost pressure calculation
  • Advice on compliance
  • Further site inspection if required
  • Followed by issue of final certification
  • Certification advice and test results forwarded to DFES



Commissioning Booster Testing

This service is offered as an alternative to DFES and where systems are required to meet section 10 of AS2419 only.  Clients considering this option are advised to check with their Building Surveyor (Certifier) of their acceptance of this level of compliance.


This option includes:


  • Pre-inspection of site
  • Commissioning booster testing
  • Issue of test results and boost pressure calculation
  • Test results forwarded to DFES

Fire Hydrant Pressure and Flow Testing

This testing is carried out in accordance with the Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the performance requirements outlined within Australian Standard 2419-2005.

The flow and pressure testing is underaken to existing street or on-site fire hydrants to determine that a residual flow and pressure of not not less than 200kPa whilst flowing at 5 litres per second intervals can be maintained.

On completion of the test CFC provides a comprehensive report that includes the test results and analysis of the collected data. This testing is essential prior to any new building development or at existing premises to ensure compliance is maintained.



Fire Safety System Compliance and Consultancy


CFC will review hydraulic plans prior to systems being installed to ensure that compliance is achieved following construction.  Alternatively, CFC is able to consult with stakeholders and negotiate agreement on compliance issues post construction if necessary.



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