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YOU and Legislation

Are you aware of the Building Regulation that came into effect in May 2014? 

Regulation 48A requires owners of existing Class 2 to Class 9 commercial buildings to maintain safety measures in each part of the building.

One of the safety measures listed is 'fire-fighting services and equipment'.  As part of an effective maintenance regime, owners of buildings with a fire hydrant system and booster assembly must organise a five yearly Hydrostatic AND full flow test through the booster.  This test is a specialised task and can only be achieved by using a fire service pumping appliance to ensure the system complies with Australian Standard 1851 – 2012.
Complete Fire Compliance has a fully equipped and NATA calibrated ex fire service appliance and is able to undertake this hydrostatic and full flow booster testing to building owners, fire service contractors, plumbing companies and organisations tasked with ensuring premises fire safety requirements are complied with.

Complete Fire Compliance is able to undertake this testing independently and professionally by providing building owners with the confidence that the fire hydrant system can be used by fire fighters effectively…….before a fire occurs.
Don’t risk failure of your fire hydrant system when it matters most !


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